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All opinions and views mentioned on AprillHomme are from the Owners and they are provided for the purpose of information, enjoyment and review only. Everyone has their own opinions and has a right to their thoughts. I do not have any negative intentions behind my opinions or views. Please note that any recommendations are based on the product behavior on myself and it may impact you in a different way.


Please note that this platform was created to share my honest opinion with my readers so that they can trust me. All the product reviews or opinions are authentic based on my knowledge. Please note that if I truly feel like a product does not provide value, I will do so in a constructive way so that my readers can benefit from them. I read blogs as well and understand the value of truth and I would feel the same way if I was lied to. The items featured on the blog are featured because I truly believe in them and love them myself to share them with my readers. 

Affiliates & Gifts

All the items featured on this blog may have been gifted, or sponsored. Please note that I would never wear something I dislike or share something I would myself never like to. I do use Affiliat links from a number of commission services to earn a fraction of the commission on sales, just like most bloggers in the industry. The links or products used don’t cost anything extra to you as a buyer. The retailer provides a commission to the commission services and finally to us to make sales.  Each individual blog post will declare the use of affiliate links in both shop widgets and integrated text if they are used, as well as declaring if the blog post has been sponsored. You might find that information at the end of the blog post. 


All the images that are used throughout this blog for reading experience are sole proprietary of the blog and the author (Pink April Diary). Please do not use any of them for any professional reason without the consent of the author. If you want to use the images in any material please provide due credit to the author and blog (AprillHomme) as I do so for any external images used. If you have any issues or find this policy being violated please email – info@aprillhommecom-e0b788.ingress-haven.ewp.live.