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Best Armless Sofas Perfect For Family Room: Modern and Comfy

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Struggling to find the ideal seating solution that maximizes space while maintaining a modern and comfortable aesthetic for your family room? Armeless Sofas can give you both.

In today’s fast-paced world, where homes are becoming more compact and versatile, the quest for furniture that combines style, functionality, and ample space has never been more pressing. Whether you’re dealing with limited square footage or simply aiming to create an open and inviting atmosphere, armless sofas could be your ultimate solution.

Checkout the best Armless sofas  available to elevate your family room to new levels of comfort and contemporary style.

What Are We Looking For?

Here are some key criteria we are looking for in finding the perfect armless sofa:

  • No arms – While arms in a sofa give it structure and sophistication, in a family room where you want to maximize the space so you can enjoy and relax. 
  • Deep seating – Yes to this always when you are looking for sofas for family room. They allow you to feel more relaxed and easily put your feet up, which we all like to do in family room.
  • Fabric sofas – Yes, leather sofas look really nice but they are hard to maintain. Fabric sofas are comfortable and soft, so perfect for a cozy family room.
  • Back rest – This is also really important part. You need to have a comfortable back rest to sit back and enjoy watching tv or hanging out with your family.

List Of Best Armless Sofas For Family Room

Table of Contents

Article Braam Vintage White Sofa Bed

The Article Braam Vintage White Sofa Bed is the best blend of both worlds. It’s wide enough and has no arms, perfectly deep for comfortable seating. And it also unfolds into a sofa bed. So, movie nights at home will now be far more fun when you can actually lay and watch them without moving around your entire family room.

The fabric upholstery makes it easy to clean. The sofa comes with two pillow backing which is amazing because you can also use this as a pillow for sleep overs. 

The sofa is wide enough for a small to mid-size family room. And also comes in a gray shade if you are worried about the ivory shade. 


31.5″H x 75″W x 35.5″D

CB2 Piazza Sofa With White Oak Legs

I own the previous version of the CB2 Piazza Sofa With White Oak Legs and absolutely in love with this sofa. We have a really awkward shaped family room. adding a sectional would block the walkway to backyard door. And honestly that defeats the whole open concept design of any room.

We bought the sofa and it fits perfectly. The best part is that it’s really deep, so lounging on it over the weekend and watching TV becomes a treat for all of us. 

This sofa also comes in other fabric shades if you are scared of white. But I like that this newer version has one big cushion instead of 3 cushions that we have. More space in this one. Simply add some decorative pillow and you have a chic and modern family room.


  • 82″W x 31″H  x 44″D
  • 61″W x 31″H x 44″D

Room and Board Astaire Armless Loveseat

The Room and Board Armless Loveseat is part of their Astaire collection and has other curved back sofas in longer length. But this loveseat is perfect for our small family room or you can always grab two of these for a wider style. 

I love that the loveseat comes with pillows and is simple. Because then you can just decorate it to match the rest of the aesthetic of the family room.

It also has a sturdy back for support. 


  • 64″W x 37″D x 29″H

Crate and Barrel Oceanside Armless Loveseat

Crate and Barrel Oceanside Armless Loveseat is actually wider than regular love seat. So it’s excellent for a family room where you want more seating space but don’t have enough for bigger sofa. 

The deep seating makes it comfortable and can also work as a sofa bed when you have added guests over. So, whether you have a sleep over, or you just want to do a family movie night, this loveseat will not disappoint you. 

And with the fabric upholstery, cleaning becomes easy.


  • 72.5″W x 43″D x 23″H

Joss & Main Alala Armless Loveseat

If you have a big family room space and looking for a sofa that is big enough to add so you don’t need to buy two of these, then pick Joss & Main Alala Armless Loveseat. This armless sofa is not only long but also comes in black if that’s your favorite shade. 

I love that the seat is a single cushion which gives you ample space. But the back rest is separate, so you get the looks of a chair. The low backrest is also a great feature to keep in older homes that makes the ceiling look taller.  

The seating is also deep enough and looks modern with black legs.


  • 72.5″W x 43″D x 23″H

Lifted Modern Armless Loveseat

The Lifted Modern Armless Loveseat looks modern and will elevated your family room if you are looking for a modern and cozy vibe. 

Even if the sofa is modern it’s still deep enough to lounge and enjoy making it perfect for family room. It comes in sherpa fabric which is really trending right now. But the sofa also comes in faux leather that will give you the leather look in budget.

This armless sofa is perfect for small to mid size family room space.


  • 55.1″W x 35.4″D x 29.5″H
  • 70.9″W x 35.4″D x 29.5″H

Coleman Furniture Grant Ashby Armless Sofa

The Coleman Furniture Grant Ashby Armless Sofa looks modern and will easily elevate your family room space. The sofa has one single base cushion and has 3 separate back cushions that give it a modern touch. 

I also love that there are no bells and whistles on the sofa. So, you can blend it well in your space with the right accessories and decor. 

The deep seating makes is comfortable for family rooms and your family will not want to move from it.


  • 94″W x 40″D x 31.5″H

Castlery Marlow Armless Sofa

The Castlery Marlow Armless Sofa is part of its armless sofa collection and you can build curved or rectangular shape seating area. So, if you have a big space, this will look fantastic. It has the classic glam traditional vibe to it. But it just looks really cozy.

The boucle fabric makes it fun and a statement piece in your family room. Simple add your favorite pillows to create a cozy space to hand out with your family and friends.

I also love that the sofa does not have any detachable parts which means nothing gets trapped in between gaps. You know what I mean.


  • 70.1″W x 23.6″D x 17.3″H

Anthropologie Kori Armless Sofa

The Anthropologie Kori Armless Sofa is such a fun twist to the regular white armless sofa. This blush tone sofa compensates the color with brown pillows. 

I love that this sofa has a sturdy back as well, though it also looks backless. If you have a fun or eclectic space, this could be your go to sofa to put in the space to complete the look.

It’s small enough for apartments as well. Or you can buy two of these for a bigger space.


  • 64.5″W x 41″D x 27″H
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